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March 30, 2008

Remove Add-in Password

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I found these steps in one of my mails. I was trying hard to remove the password for TD upload add-in when I encountered this and I kept a copy on mail (I was not blogging at that time :)) I was not aware of the OTA at that time so was very curious to look how that add-in was written. Hope this is useful in case you don’t remember the password for any of your add-in.

  1. Get a binary editor. You can easily get a freeware binary editor.
  2. Make a new Excel workbook, set a password in VBA Properties Dialog
  3. Save the workbook as an *.xls file
  4. Open the xls file with the Unknown password in the binary editor
  5. Open the xls file with the password we’ve created in step 2. Also with the binary editor
  6. Search using the binary editor’s in both the open files for “DPB”
  7. When you find this, there wil be a code attached to this and you will also find CMG code above and a GC code beneath
  8. Now all you do is to replace this section of code inr the xls file which you don’t know the password for with the password you know
  9. Save the file and run Excel and open the book with the password you’ve entered in step 2
  10. Always make a backup of the file with the UNKNOWN password, because editing with an binary editor can be fatal.

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