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June 15, 2009

Buggy Keyboard

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Last few days I was very much troubled due to my keyboard, there was some key combination causing keyboard to act weird; the key layout for few keys changed (# and : in particular). Since other keys were working fine I was not able to figure out the key combination and didn’t had time to google for the solution. However now I got to know the problem and its solution which I am sharing here.

The problem was that I using a US keyboard with UK settings and there was a key combination (Left Shift + Alt) which was changing this back and forth. The steps to rectify are simple and are documented @ Conversation Exchange (this was the first site listed in google search and has steps for both OS – XP and Vista). Hope this information is useful for someone…

While searching I came across these few links which might be useful –

Wikipedia – Table of KeyBoard ShortCut

Wikipedia – Keyboard Layout


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