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August 14, 2008

Open Source Alternatives

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I am planning to put down a list of open source softwares ‘which I am using’. There are many open source softwares available but very few can be used as a alternative to existing paid softwares.

There is a site dedicated to this (OpenSourceALTernative), they have a neat list of open source softwares which can be used as an alternative to existing commercial softwares. However, I found that these opensource softwares are having limitations which have to be documented.

From the list of softwares I have tried Paint.Net, Diagram, WinSCP, VLC, 7-Zip

I found all applications to be useful except Diagram and that probably was because I didn’t have any specific requirement to test it. Remember ‘Need is mother of innovation’ 🙂

I am now planning to try FreeOTFE 2.0 an free on the fly encryption tool. The website says –

FreeOTFE allows you to create virtual encrypted disk drives – either as files on your harddisk or on an entire harddisk partition. The virtual drive is encrypted using AES, Blowfish and other cyphers. FreeOTFE also has a “portable mode” allowing you to have and use encrypted drives on removable devices such as USB drives. The file created by FreeOTFE has no signature or other features that identifies it – so any outsider will not be able to determine that it is an encrypted file system.

A version for PDA (Windows Mobile 2003/2005) is also available.

Will definitely have to try the PDA version.


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