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March 25, 2008

Test Director Access using IE7

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I got my default web browser Internet Explorer upgraded to Version 7 and then realized that I am not able to access Test Director.

I can’t work without Test Director and also wanted to explore IE7 both at same time, so I was looking for options by which I can use both the applications.
After googling on this issue, I found 2 solutions

  1. Install Stand-alone version of IE6 which is available here. You can also choose to install other versions of IE
  2. Install TD Explorer which is an application provided by Mercury. This is usually bundled with the Test Director installation and should be available on the add-ins page. The applications looks like this

There is a workaround to use TD from FireFox but I am not able to figure how.


November 14, 2007

Test Director / Quality Center OTA

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Test Director Open Test Architecture is excellent if you want to try your hands on VAB and bend Test Director as per your requirement.

I felt it handy when I was supposed to update huge lot of test cases which for me was easy if I download all the test cases in excel. With the help of OTA I downloaded the test cases in excel and updated them as required and then again uploaded them using TestDirector Excel Add-in.

If you want to have a look you can find the OTA guideĀ  book here Alternatively you can get the book if you have TD/QC installed, just follow below steps.

1.) start you QC
2.) Link “Mercury Quality Center”
3.) Link “Help” -> “Books online”

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