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October 10, 2007

How can you become less of human doing and more of human being?

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Recently I have been reading a book by Dr. Mette Norgaard – ‘The Ugly Duckling Goes to Work’. Its 6 fairy tales written by Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen.Mette has corelated these talse and presented her version in which I think she suceeded. I personally agree with her on lot of points.
1) The Emperor’s New Clothes
When we seek to fit in, we adopt other prople’s agenda.
2) The Ugly Duckling

When we heed our longing , we grow into our “Swanlike” nature

3) The Dung Beetle

When we want status, we look to promote ourselves.

4) The Nisse at the Grocer’s

When we are real, we know who we are.

5) The Fir Tree

When we are restless, we long for something else.

6) The Nightingale

When we engage, we live wholeheartedly.

Cheers.. Nilesh

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