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June 15, 2009

IT Show Singapore

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If you have worked in Singapore then you might be aware of the IT Show and there deals. People here in Singapore will wait for the IT show to happen as there are lot of promotions and deals available during this show.

Even if these shows are know as IT Show / PC Show, in actual these are different events organized by different companies. There are 4 shows in total as mentioned below –

March                                                – IT Show
June (School Holidays)              – PC Show
August / September                    – Comex
November / December              – SITEX

I have visited couple of shows and found that there are really good deals floating around to grab. Recently I came across a site which has archieves of the promotions/offers during these shows; in fact there were couple of other sites which were having these offers listed. I am putting the sites for everyone’s reference, I hope these guys keep them updated and are useful for future shows aswell.


September 29, 2008

Free Web SMS to Singapore Mobiles (Starhub and SingTel)

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I am sure most of us would have some tried to find a way to send SMS online using some website. At times there were tricks which worked but now even the service provider are smart and have blocked these means of sending SMS so its no more free.

However the service providers in Singapore (SingTel & StarHub) have created there own web sites open for public which enable them to send SMS to there customers.

If you have any of your friend in Singapore then you can SMS him from these sites. You have to make sure which mobile connection he is having. If he is having Starhub then just visit Starhub Web SMS enter your name and your friend’s mobile number and start sending him SMS for free.

For Singtel you need to register first. You can visit Singtel Internet SMS register if you don’t have a account and then start sending the SMS.

Snapshots Singtel –

Singtel internet SMS

Singtel internet SMS

Singtel SMS Window

Singtel SMS Window

Snapshots StarHub –

This is how Starhub's web SMS interface is.

This is how Starhub's web sms interface looks like


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