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August 13, 2008

Analyze your disk space

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I recently realized that my laptop is really messy as I have not organized it from quite some time, the hard disk is almost full, have loads of unwanted application which I installed to explore, duplication of movies, mp3’s and photos. I need to fix this hence was looking for a utility to analyze my disk space usage. Visited and got few tools to get the task done. The tools I experimented were ‘SpaceMOnger’, ‘WinDirStat’ and ‘HD Graph’. I found HD Graph to be the most useful, here are screenshots of the results I got of my hard disk.

My disk space utilization

My disk space utilization - HD Graph

Very neat pie chart which gives a clear indication of what is consuming my space. ‘Exactly what I required’

My disk space utilization - WinDirStat

My disk space utilization - WinDirStat

I found WinDirStat to be a fancy application, am not sure if any one would find this useful.


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